Charging Solution

We provide a complete set of charging solutions for new energy vehicles, including portable charging guns, home AC chargers, and commercial DC fast charging stations. We are the leading manufacturer of new energy vehicle charging equipment and charging network operators in China.

The company has over 30% of R&D talent, with more than fifty employees holding master's degrees or higher. We are a founding member of the National Electric Vehicle Charging Facilities Development and Promotion Alliance and a member of the national charging facility industry standard drafting working group. Almost all of our supply chain partners are among the top 500 companies in the world, and our strict quality requirements have resulted in a significantly lower-than-average failure rate, earning positive recognition from the market and customer satisfaction.

After rigorous evaluation and review, our two DC charging station products, DH-DC0600SG58-B and DH-DC0500SG58-B, have obtained the first TÜV Rhineland Singapore TR25 certification. This signifies that Jiuzhou's charging equipment for new energy vehicles can enter the Singaporean market smoothly. TÜV Rhineland’s certification and professional endorsement have played a positive role in accelerating Jiuzhou's global charging deployment.